1 Hour of Celtic Forest Music - For the Pack

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You can get this album here for free until the 7th July:

Before I say anything else, please go and support my amazing friend and brilliant guitarist Łukasz Kapuściński, who worked himself half to death for this album and without whom all of this wouldn't exist:

This is the gift that I was telling you about for the past weeks, I really really hope you like it.^^ I know it's kind of sneaky, I did all these new songs in complete secrecy. xD It took 7 months and I can honestly say with this album that I did my absolute 100% best with each and every song here, I wanted to really produce something that does justice to all of you, the best music I can possibly give you. I told you that it's really not possible for me to say "thank you" in an appropriately meaningful way, so I decided to say it in music instead, I hope you can feel my deep appreciation for all of you, because it's all in these songs.
Thank you again so much for being here, and for being a huge and beautiful part of my life!

A few details about the album that might be fun to know:
- The guitar solo in the middle of "Adventure Awaits" is from my old song "Part of the Pack", so it's basically our channel's anthem. =)
- I speak Inra in the song "Dreampath".
- The song "The Endless Woods" is actually one of my oldest songs EVER, I composed it in 2008 when I was 18.
- The wolves howling in "The Pack" are the same ones you can hear in "Wolf Blood".
- The bonus song at the end is the first time I ever sung for a piece of music, and because I knew that my singing skills are really crap I made a drunk campfire song, where a bad singing voice is much more appropriate. xD The language I sing in is a new language I'm working on.
- "Alassin" means "revelry/festivity" in my new language.
- And finally: the whole album is set up as a real journey, which is probably apparent from the song titles and their order.

Track list:

0:00 – Adventure Awaits
5:03 – The Gate to Avalon
9:33 – Call of the Wild
13:31 – Wild Lands
17:00 – Alassin!
20:06 – Farûna's Lament
22:50 – The Endless Woods
26:30 – Sylvani
30:54 – In Vino Veritas
34:35 – Wayfarer
37:41 – Primal Bonds
40:58 – Elfenreigen
46:09 – Forest Folk
49:00 – Dreampath
55:13 – The Pack
59:38 – Alassin! (Rather Drunk Vocals)

All music composed and arranged by Adrian von Ziegler.
Guitars by Łukasz Kapuściński.

The artwork was created by my amazing wife Aelathên.

© Copyright to all audio material belongs to Adrian von Ziegler & Łukasz Kapuściński.
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