1.17 BETA TESTING | EPISODE 1 | Experimental Features | Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta

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A brand new series where I look at the upcoming features for the minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update.

Exploring a New Feature: Minecraft Goats
- Where do they spawn?
- How do you breed them?
- What do they eat?
- How high can they jump?
- What do they drop?
- What is the Goat Horn for?
- How do you get the Goat Horn?

Survival Testing: Quality Control
I get started by going down a mine, finding copper ore and smelting it into copper ingots to make copper blocks and lightning rods. I also find a dungeon and an abandoned village.
Bugs found during the Survival Play Test:
- Crouching is glitchy
- Items are visually glitchy when falling
- Drowned hold Tridents the wrong way around

Game Changing Fixes: Submerged TNT
In Minecraft Beta Version TNT submerged in water will once again launch players in Survival mode, which means we can once again have TNT cannons!

New Game Breaking Bug:
Signs crash your game. When you click on a sign with your empty hand, the text will glow (like you've used a glow ink sac). With experimental features turned on, this crashes your game.
Bug Report:

Chapter Points
0:00 Start
03:48 New Feature: Goats
12:16 Survival Testing
20:28 New Fixes: TNT Cannons
24:40 New Bugs: Sign Crash

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