2021 Rolls Royce Ghost - The Ultra Luxurious Sedan!

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The most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce yet

Succeeds the most successful product in the marque’s 116-year history
Reflects ‘Post Opulent’ design philosophy, rejecting superficial expressions of wealth
Built on rigid aluminium Rolls-Royce spaceframe architecture
All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for unprecedented poise and surefootedness
World first Planar suspension system significantly increases agility and effortlessness

Equipped with hallmark twin-turbo V12 engine, delivering 571PS and 850nm

0-60 in seconds

For effortless egress, doors now electrically open as well as close
Interior components tuned to specific resonant frequency to create a sense of serenity
Down lit Pantheon grille discreetly illuminates Rolls-Royce iconography
Illuminated Fascia debuts featuring Ghost nameplate surrounded by more than 850 stars

Pricing and Which One to Buy
Ghost: $315,000 (est.)

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Like the cabin of any Rolls-Royce, the new Ghost is opulent inside, with every surface, knob, switch, and lever crafted from quality materials. Trying to stand out from competitors like the Bentley Flying Spur and the Mercedes-Benz S-class, Rolls-Royce has pulled out all the stops. Think thick carpet, finely grained leather, real wood and metal accents, and even an available headliner with tiny integrated LEDs to simulate a starlit sky. An illuminated dashboard inlay glows when the driver turns on the Ghost, adding to the starry-night ambiance. The best seat in the house will be the rear, where passengers are treated to such luxuries as massaging seats, an entertainment system, and acres of legroom.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Along with providing a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Ghost features a large infotainment touchscreen with in-dash navigation. Though not confirmed, we expect it will also include both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. A dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system allows passengers to adjust the radio, input destinations into the nav, and more. Rolls-Royce also supplies an 18-speaker Bespoke stereo system with 1300 watts of power and magnesium-ceramic speaker cones.
Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) are unlikely to perform crash tests on such a low-volume high-dollar ride, Rolls-Royce has stepped up its driver-assistance game with the 2021 Ghost. The outgoing model offered few such features, but the new one has made leaps and bounds in this category. Key safety features include:

Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection
Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist
Standard adaptive cruise control with a semi-autonomous driving mode
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