3 Pullable Dark Matter INVINCIBLE CARDS - 1 Million MT Gladiator Pack Opening - Season 8! (NBA 2K21)

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Thank you guys for watching this Season 8 NBA 2K21 MyTeam Pack Opening video of the new Gladiator packs with some insane new cards that have dropped today for the new Season of MyTeam! We got an Invincible Dark Matter Jayson Tatum , Invincible Dark Matter Kevin Durant , Invincible Dark Matter Tracy McGardy , Invincible Dark Matter Dwyane Wade , Invincible Dark Matter Moses Malone as the MyTeam Limited Reward and Invincible Dark Matter Luka Doncic as the final Level 40 reward card! We also got a Dark Matter Draymond Green , Dark Matter Klay Thompson , Dark Matter Pascal Siakam , free Dark Matter Tom Van Arsdale from the Triple Threat Vault , Dark Matter Dick Van Arsdale from juiced TTO Boards , Dark Matter Willis Reed from the MyTeam Exchange , Dark Matter George Gervin from the Token Market update , Dark Matter Bob Mcadoo from the Season 8 grind , Dark Matter Robert Parish from Triple Threat Offline wins , Dark Matter Drazen Petrovic from MyTeam Unlimited , Dark Matter Horace Grant from the Ascension Board , Galaxy Kobe Bryant and more! We dive into this 2K21 Pack Opening and even though we got a lot of error codes we got a Dark Matter pull very early! I really wanted to get an Invincible pull in this Gladiator Pack Opening 2K21 , Dark Matter KD the most! We kept ripping packs and opened over 1 Million MT of the new packs and we got a lot of great pulls! I hope you all enjoy this NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 Gladiator Pack Opening video!

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