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The key to a great 6 pack ab workout is making sure it's something that you can do anywhere. This workout for a six pack is one that you'll be able to do with no equipment at all in just a small amount of space in your home.

In order to develop a great set of six pack abs you of course have to start by focusing on the quality of your nutrition. You may have heard the saying that you can eat your way out of a six pack regardless of how many reps of ab exercises you do. That is so true.

You need to be following a meal plan for 6 pack abs that puts you in a hypocaloric state in order to burn off excess body fat and get the abdominal muscles that you are trying to develop to be visible.

From there, the structure of the ab workout that you are doing matters.

For instance, it helps to put your bottom up ab exercises earlier in your abs workout. This is due to the fact that the weight of the legs is something that can instantly make a regular rep harder. When you are most fresh and capable of lifting more, you'll want to put those exercises that are going to be the most demanding.

We do just that by requiring that you do the ab halos in the number one spot.

Next you work move onto the frog crunches and russian rows. We talk about rowing on this great ab exercise because you want to ensure that you're rotating through your trunk and not just tapping your hands back and forth.

The key to the frog crunch is to try and minimize the contribution of the hip flexors to the exercise. By turning your legs out you are engaging more of the glute medius and making the abs do more of the work in order to lift your trunk off the ground.

We continue through the other ab exercises in this 6 pack workout. One of my favorites to highlight is the frog circles. Once again, we are talking about a bottom up driven exercise for abs. You're pulling your knees into the chest but because you are circling the legs as you do, you get that all important rotation component to the exercise.

The thread the needle is one of those rotational core exercises that also demands that you have control of the movement. You can't simply rotate too quickly here or you'll likely lose balance and touch your knees to the ground. You have go control the rotation which is one of the core functions of the obliques.

The sliding knee tucks are a great midrange ab exercise. Here you are moving both the top and bottom towards each other resulting in a strong contraction on the abs at the end of the rep.

The black widow knee slides are another exercise for hitting the lower abs from the plank position. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the basic plank because it doesn't provide enough of a challenge for the majority of those that include it in their abs workout. Instead, you can make a small tweak to the way you do the movement to drive more of the exercise with the lower abs and dramatically increase it's ability to challenge you and ultimately give you six pack abs.

Here is the order of the exercises and how the ab workout breaks down:

1. Ab Halos - 30 seconds CW/CCW | 30 seconds rest
2. Frog Crunches - 60 seconds | 30 seconds rest
3. Russian Rows - 60 seconds | 30 seconds rest
4. Thread the Needle - 30 seconds each side | 30 seconds rest
5. Black Widow Knee Slides - 60 seconds | 30 seconds rest
6. Frog Circles - 60 seconds | 30 seconds rest
7. Sliding Ab Tucks - 60 seconds | 30 seconds rest

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