7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Playing Magic: Legends | Review

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Is Magic: ​Legends pay to win? What about the Dimir Assassin? How do you fast travel? Sit back, relax, and let TydeTyme be your guide.

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1 Long, Boring Tutorial | 0:41
2 How To Fast Travel | 2:39
3 Microtransactions | 3:39
4 Mythical Encounters | 6:36
5 What Are Creature Numbers? | 8:13
6 Understanding Realms | 9:58
7 Explore Your Meditation Realm | 11:39






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Magic the Gathering meets Diablo as you play an Online Action RPG (ARPG) that allows you to party up with up to two others for party quests and five others for world bosses. Unlike Diablo, Magic Legends doesn’t follow the usual form of gameplay as you’ll be utilizing a deck of 12 cards to summon creatures and cast spells as if you were playing a live action version of Magic the Gathering. It is a free to play game downloadable on the Epic Game store or Arc installer. When getting into this game however, there were several things that I wish I knew going into it which would have made my starting experience a thousand times better. So here's 7 things I wish I knew before I started playing Magic Legends.

Since Magic Legends is a free to play game we know that there will be an in game store to support the game. The first worry everyone has is whether or not it is "pay to win" and what advantages the in game store provides. If you’ve played other Arc games you may be familiar with how they handle their store and premium currency but if not I got you covered.

Typically there is nothing in the store that can’t be earned in game. In the case of Magic Legends, they treat this similar to Magic the Gathering. From various Pay to progress boosters such as additional experience, there is also booster packs that grant you additional spell fragments you can use to upgrade your cards, artifacts, and equipment. All the fragments you could get from a booster are also obtainable in game as they’re commonly rewards for quests and skirmishes. So there is nothing to worry about there. Additionally the boosters you get don’t unlock the spells for you. You have to have unlocked the spells previously to gain fragments for them.

Additionally most items you get off the premium store can be sold at the broker to other players for in game currency making all items accessible to everyone. Don’t be too hasty however. The game doesn’t do a good job of showing you what you can unlock for free in the game either. Additional classes for a single character will be locked and those classes are available for unlock in the premium store. Those very classes can also be unlocked by just progressing far enough into the game that you could collect mana currency to unlock them.

The only issue is the unique class Dimir Assassin which is not available for direct purchase. If you want this 6th class then you’ll have to buy booster packs and hope that you were lucky enough to pull the class. The booster doesn’t guarantee it and he is the rarest drop in the pack so don’t hold your breath. It is likely less than a 1% chance to even pull the class. The best idea would be to just play the game and acquire currency for free for some attempts to get it or wait for it to start showing up at the broker. We’ll have to see how available it becomes later down the line as more players pick up the assassin but for now its nothing to fret over as you’ll likely spend plenty of time mastering the 5 other classes available.

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