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Annoying ads cluttering the screen space? Time to stop that! Focus on the content that really matters, load pages faster and save more data – all of this with the new, built-in ad blocker in the Opera Mini browser for Android:

Free, built-in ad blocker for Android in Opera Mini

The popular mobile browser Opera Mini, used by millions of people all over the world, now comes with a built-in ad blocker. This means you can smoothly browse the web on your Android device without seeing a single ad and distracting you from what’s relevant.

Load pages up to 40% faster with the ad blocker for Android

Ad blocking is especially relevant on mobile devices, where online ads take up precious screen space, slow down the browsing, and, last but not least, add to your mobile data bill. By removing online ads, the new version of Opera Mini loads webpages up to 40% faster than with the mobile ad blocker disabled. As a bonus, it makes your browsing experience much smoother when you have a slow connection and every saved Megabyte makes a difference.

Save more mobile data

With the ad blocker turned on in Opera Mini, you can get more from your Android device and your mobile data plan. Our tests showed that you can save an additional 14% of data through using the ad blocker in Opera Mini. The ad blocker is available in both our data saving modes, High Mode and Extreme Mode. So, make sure to turn the ad blocker on to make your mobile data package last longer. Download now to learn how to block ads.

How to enable the ad blocker on your Android

To activate ad blocking on your Android, open Opera Mini, tap the “O” menu and then “ad blocking”. You can also tap the “O” menu, go into “data savings” and toggle “block ads” to on. If you also want to block ads on Wi-Fi, toggle on “data savings on Wi-Fi”.

See how many ads you’ve blocked

Want to keep track of how much Opera Mini optimizes your web experience? When the ad blocker is enabled, a green shield icon appears above the “O” menu. As soon as the browser starts blocking ads on a web page, this icon flashes with the number of ads blocked. You can also check the total number of blocked ads since you enabled ad blocker on your Android phone. Click the “O” menu and check the number under “Ad blocking”.

Why ad blockers matter to Android users

According to a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 79% of the respondents were in favour of ad blockers, with speed and data savings being the top most reasons. Since compression is already our forte, our built-in ad blocker is a much needed feature that will enhance your browsing experience with improved speed and performance.

Browse faster and save more data with our ad blocker for Android in Opera Mini!

Get Opera Mini for your Android on the Google Play store.

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