Aesop Rock - Kodokushi (Official Audio)

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Song Credits:
Written & Produced By Aesop Rock
Additional Instrumentation By Grimace Federation
Scratches By DJ Zone

I shouldn’t even be here, mums the word, I burn down the house, I gum up the works, I’m the wrong vibration to summon to earth, when the cuffs break, better make enough of the cure, I go protohuman, I’m so unruly, architect of my kodokushi, en garde, hop In the box of chopped arms, on the blocks beyond the pop art stockyard, got a red phone right to the inside, I can turn a ribcage into wind-chimes, you don’t wanna engage, kiddo, it’s a burden to bear, it’s a whirly bird nervous in the surface-to-air, I lost count of the cooks, every coward and crook, any memory or semblance of an “out of the woods”, I’m 2 un-rubbed elbows well in the weeds, even the good eye couldn’t find the edge of my seat, oh potpourri of confusing powers, all mashed together and shooting outward, intel gleaned from the prince of dark, scarecrow every 10 for infinity yards, when a spirit and vessel consider living apart, it’s official, I ain’t sign up for the mission to , my call of duty stay all-consuming, even if y’all see him as a dollar movie, look, best in show, I’m the worst there is, that pest control is no urban myth, that floating skull just won’t shut up, it’s on a business trip from from below the crust, y’all know wassup, bad news from the black lung, used to flatline, the shit is so last month, yo, I don’t need money to burn, I need sunsets, purple and mother of pearl, cmon 

I’m a need you to ease back, no peace out, flee to the evac, don’t be where you be at, I been looking for a reason to react, I’m a need you to reset, no plea, no please, no defense, don’t creep in the deep-end, I been looking for a reason to see red 

Territorial organisms, each glorifying our poor decisions, I’m a force, you could forecast swarming insects, who eat all the corn like war is business, I pageant wave from my shallow grave, patch me in from that astral plane, ain’t ring the bell, I pass through the walls, a cool burgundy in both tooth and claw, midnight manage an incredible feat, a GPS collar on the neck of the beast, it go, beep beep, any neck of the reef, put a reaper on a second week of medical leave, I’m a seer, I could tell you how the curtain descend, or maybe hint at how it isn’t with a circle of friends, I go “bah” with the black sheep, rah rah, catch me a patsy, spaz, unravel, and blaspheme, riddler to keep the gate, it’s a ground hog d-day, Jesus H., I was born on a horse at a steeplechase, my forte’s frontline real estate, plus steak and frites, I take bloody as hell, if it burn black, point him at the honey and milk, I ain’t sitting while you sully the well, I turn up in a jif, jackknife when I jump in the pit, one hundred hands, one millions eyes, 2 bleeding gums, I will survive, that last line’s rose-colored only for a limited time, it all shifts when you militarize, I had a vision of a feather on a seasonal wind, in the shadow of a gargoyle fleeing the brick, lean in, steal your chips, where I’m from y’all wouldn’t even be in the mix 

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