ALLiGATORS inside our House!! DONT GET CAUGHT! Adley and Dad escape magic pets! The Floor is Lava!

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???? we turned our Dogs into Alligators ????


HEY EVERYBODY!! We have got our hands on a special treat! ALLIGATOR FOOD!! But it's not regular food it's filled with magic! We have to cook it a certain way or the snack with turn whoever eats it into crocodiles!! While we were washing our hands something strange happened! We heard a sound that was not from this world! We rushed outside to see what it was. Little did we know at the time we left the water on and the alligator treats fell to the floor! And anytime food touched the floor our dogs come running to eat it up! Meanwhile, Dad and I were checking outside and we found an alien flying around in our backyard then all of a sudden our feet got soaking wet!! We looked around and our house was flooding!! We ran inside to check it out and we found that our dogs had turned into crocodiles!! We had to save them!! Dad remembered that there was a secret switch off button downstairs in the basement so we had to make our way down there! We distracted our pets, slid down a waterfall, and took a boat to make it to the button! When we pushed the button it turned the water in LAVA!! We then looked around to find a way to turn that off! We spotted another button across the room that we had to push! I used some of my magic and moved me and my dad over there! When we pushed the button everything went back to normal and we loved on our dogs!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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