Altmer Noble Celril Pt. 37 | TES5 Skyrim Legacy of the Dragonborn Relic Hunter Run

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The Wartime depression hit Skyrim hard, and now without the backing of his family, 3rd Son of an Aldmeri Noble Family of the Summerset Isle had to seek steady employment and found it with the aid of a fellow Altmer named Auryen who has hired him as a Relic Hunter to bring the museum, called the Dragonborn Gallery to greatness. Celril, Travelling Companion Rumarin, and several others comb the land looking for relics, and likely have to join up with some questionable groups in order to open doors to more.

The Mod List and Download Links are Episode 0.
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This play-through is meant to replicate the Killian Aldmeri Noble run I did in the past, but with Special Edition. What also causes this play-through to be special is the fact it's being run in Kubuntu Linux via SteamPlay Proton NOT Windows, and we are using Skyrim Special Edition's ESL format built for the Creation Club to weasel in extra plugins beyond the normal limit of 256, how many? 444 in the end.

The character concept is simple, he's a High Elf arrived at Skyrim who is incredibly snooty and dislikes nords. He worships Auri-El although that may change at some point. His goals will start at simple Money Making, and will progressively shift as he grows in strength, the racism vibe will likely lessen and drop off over time as well depending on his interactions.
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