Android Studio: Debugging tips n' tricks (Android Dev Summit '19)

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We all spend a lot of time in the debugger, so this session teaches you about some of the powerful debugging features available in Android Studio. This talk should appeal to all, from beginners to experts and everybody in between.

01:23 - Log filtering / folding
05:13 - Conditional breakpoints
06:17 - Dependent breakpoints
07:16 - Suspend thread
09:07 - Evaluate and log
10:42 - Breakpoint groups
11:28 - Drop frame
12:34 - Mark object
14:10 - Evaluate expression
15:10 - Apply changes
17:23 - Analyze stacktrace

Here are some of the tips that we didn't have time to cover:

* Dragging a breakpoint brings its settings along with it
* Ctrl+drag makes a copy of a breakpoint
* You can set breakpoints on the closing brace of a function
* You can set breakpoints on fields / properties (called "field watchpoints")
* You can set a breakpoint on an interface method to break on all its implementations
* APK debugging →
* Data views to control how data is displayed in the debugger →
* How to use and understand the Overhead tab →

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Presented by: David Herman, Justin Nieto

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