Are Bluetooth WIRELESS HEADPHONES usable for GUITAR PRACTICE, a beginners viewpoint and experience.

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I am not an audiologist, nor an accomplished guitarist but this is my review of the Avantree HT5009 wireless headphones and whether they are any good, or even usable, for guitar practice. This is a beginner's viewpoint and the video is purely based on my experience of using them over a few days for around three hours of practice - scales, strumming and picking sequences.

This video should not be considered a professional review or a scientific test and anyone considering buying these headphones MUST do their own homework and make sure that they perform to their specific requirements and that any latency is not an issue.

That being understood, this video talks about latency which is a huge subject when talking about Bluetooth headphones, it looks at what is in the box, set-up and use. I then finish off by trying to demonstrate the low latency by picking some strings and recording the output through the headphones. This is recorded using my iPhone and a 6m lavaliere microphone perched between the headphones, so it is not overly ideal. The guitar is my Ibanez connected wired to my Spark amp.

That said, I hope that it helps those of you wishing to go wireless for your headphones.

00:00 - Introduction
01:25 - Disclaimer
03:00 - Latency - What is it?
05:40 - Latency - Codec Types
08:50 - Latency - What is an acceptable level of latency?
09:45 - Latency - What do you need to look for?
11:00 - A look at the box
14:40 - Opening the box
16:00 - Equipment Setup for the demo
20:10 - Summary of my thoughts as a beginner
20:40 - Two issues that I have found in 3 hours of playing over several days
21:55 - Using the head phones with a wire
22:46 - Close

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