Assassin's Creed 2: #32 Knowledge is Power | Armor of Altair

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A Let's Play of Assassin's Creed II, i will show you all the game play, all the scene, this is a commentary playthrough. I will show you all that are can be show in Assassins Creed 2, from the desmond stage to the anima stage.

This game is available in PS3, XBOX 360, Windows PC and OS X.

This is the 2nd Assassins Creed Game, Ezio will be your Hero in Renaissance Time in Italy. The story continue from the 1st Assassins Creed where Desmond Miles is rescued by Lucy Stillman and taken to a remote safe house, where he meets her team, consisting of historian and analyst Shaun Hastings and technician Rebecca Crane.

Rebecca Crane has her own Animus, she called Rebecca Crane or "Baby", here Desmond was once again must learn from his ancestor, Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Ezio Auditore become an Assassin after his family betrayed and his father was frame and punish for a crime that he didn't do.

This is a commentary walkthrough / commentary let's play so i will talk about clue and stuff, i will skip most boring part like opening view point and treasure, but i do show glyph location and Puzzle solution. I also will show all story Cut Scene.

This video will show you:
- Ezio Auditore in Venice, Venezia
- Story Mission : Knowledge is Power
- Ezio Auditore bring his latest Codec to Leonardo Da Vinci
- Leonardo Da Vinci able to create new weapon, Pistol, from the Codec Information
- Ezio Auditore practice using Pistol
- Doge Mocenigo is gone, Now Macro Barbarigo become the new Doge, and he is way worste than the last Doge
- Ezio Auditore now is a wanted man
- To get Rid of Marco Barbarigo, Leonardo Da Vinci suggest Ezio Auditore to ask the help from Antonio and Sister Teodara
- Currently is Carnival, and Ezio Auditore can walk around wearing a Mask
- Profile Video for Marco Barbarigo and Dante
- Assassination Contracts Mission : No Laughing Matter
- Just assasinate the 3 Harlequins with any method you like
- Assassination Contracts Mission : Crash a Party
- Just follow the guest, use harlot to avoid detection and distract the guard
- Assassination Contracts Mission : False Legacy
- Use a mercenary to create chaos and distract the enemy, and use a poison to assasinate the target
- How to find / Where the location of Assasin's Tomb entrance of Santa Maria Della Visitazione in Venice
- Assasin's Tomb Mission : Visitazione's Secret and how to solve the Tomb Puzzle
- Opening All Altair Armor Seal and Getting the Legendary Armor of Altair
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