Backing up an OS Image and convert to Berryboot. Ubuntu Mate download Links. Raspberry Pi 4.

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How to Back up your SD card as an image file. It can then be written to an SD card with all of your files logins and programs intact,

You can then convert your image to a smaller Berryboot image with can be run alongside other operating systems on a single sd card, usb stick or ssd drive.

Links below for fresh image with Ubuntu mate gui no Ethernet needed
And 2GB Berryboot ready version (slow to boot but once finished works great)


UbuntuM sd card image password leepspvideo

UbuntuM 2GB Berryboot image password leepspvideo

Win 32 Disk imager (Windows program to copy your SD card to a .img file that can be rewritten to an sd card.


My videos

BerryConverter. Convert images for Berryboot. Raspberry Pi 4. Multi OS Launcher.

Desktopify Raspberry Pi 4. A better Ubuntu Desktop installation.

My New Favourite Operating System. Raspberry Pi 4.

All of my Pi videos are here (200 plus)
Raspberry Pi 4 Raspbian and more

Normal Ubuntu installation

How to Install Ubuntu Distros with Desktopify

Login ubuntu

Follow instructions to create a password

git clone

cd ./desktopify

sudo ./desktopify --de ubuntu-mate

Other desktops can be chosen just replace ubuntu-mate with one of these:

Reboot to launch your Desktop


Wimpys YouTube channel
Raspberry Pi 4 8GB - Install Ubuntu Desktop LTS
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