'BEST OF MY LOVE' (the EMOTIONS) cover by the HSCC *LIVE*

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'BEST OF MY LOVE' (the Emotions Classic) performed Live by the HINDLEY STREET COUNTRY CLUB feat Pina Del Re, Nikki Heuskes and Lesley Williams

Lead Vocals: Pina Del Re, Nikki Heuskes and Lesley Williams
Guitar: James Muller
Bass: Con Delo
Keyboards: Dave Ross and Darren Mullan
Drums: Brad Polain
Percussion: Steve Todd

Produced by the HSCC
Audio mix by Producernerd
Recorded Live at the Thebarton Theatre, South Australia
Location Audio: Mike Longmire (FOH) and Craig McGowat (Monitors)
Production assistants: Toby Johnson, Peadar McBride and Dan Donato
Cameras: Jason Mildwaters, Eli Fleming and Anthony Hicks.
Video edited by JLM Productions

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Darren Mullan (Keys and Mixing)
Nikki Heuskes (vocals)
Pina Del Re (Vocals)
Sarah Lloyde (Vocals)

Constantine Delo uses only Laney Amplification & Speakers

Written by Maurice White & Al McKay (Earth Wind and Fire)
Original version here
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