Brothers Osborne - Old Man's Boots (Official Audio Video)

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The Official Audio Video for Brothers Osborne’s “Old Man's Boots""

Listen to their new album 'Skeletons', out now: 

My old man’s shoes were steel toed boots
Ripped up rawhide leather
Seams splitting like the Red Sea
So duct tape held them together
They’ve worn more tread than a firestone
Underneath a 65 fastback Ford
Size 12 wide spent Saturday nights
Cuttin’ rug on a bar room floor

They weren’t built for speed
They weren’t built for comfort
But you can bet that they were building somethin’
Might not look like much to you
But there wasn’t really much they couldn’t walk thru
They weren’t flashy
They weren’t classy
But they made him workin’ class happy
And I’d be lucky
I’d be lucky to walk a mile in my old man’s boots
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