Build your first iOS app with SwiftUI

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In this livestream I'll show you how to build a complete SwiftUI app from scratch, while also teaching you the basics of Swift. Along the way I'll be answering questions that you might have, and also providing quizzes to help test your learning.

To follow along, you'll need to install Xcode from the Mac App Store. I'll be using Xcode , but any version of Xcode after should be fine.

* You can download the finished project source code here:
* You can get the assets used in this video from here:
* You can download the free SF Symbols app from Apple here:

As well as helping absolute beginners learn some SwiftUI, this livestream is also taking place in aid of Julian House – a UK charity that provides support for vulnerable and at-risk individuals. These include men, women and young people experiencing homelessness, women and children escaping domestic abuse, adults with learning difficulties and people who need support after leaving prison.

You can donate to my fundraising effort here:
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