Delivery day |Meet our first newborn baby |finally our baby face revealed|Part 4|respect your MOTHER

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This vlog is very close to my heart ! In this vlog I have captured precious moments which I can’t forget in my entire life . After the delivery of my baby I respect women even more ♥️ I realized how deeply our mother’s love us , hats off to all the woman out there ♥️ we as a man can’t thanks enough in our whole life to women who gone through from such indescribable labour pains childbirth ♥️ may ALLAH bless you all , sahi rutba mila hy ek aurat ko’’ whatever good deeds we do in this temporary world to get in JANNAT , woman already have it in their feet MASHALLAH ,THEY DESERVE IT !
Please don’t proceed with this video if you are not interested in such contents .
Thank you ????

PS : many people were asking about sana’s family , they all were their but they are camera shy so I respect their privacy!

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