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Discord is currently adding a variety of new features, which are all in Beta Development. Last week we covered the information about the new Profile Customisations (Profile Customizations) which allows you to have an “About Me” section, as well as a Discord Profile Pop out with a banner which you may upload. However, this is only one of four features. Today, you will see the new feature will allows you to have a different identity on each Discord Server; otherwise known as Server Identities. Discord describes it as a way to “Use a nickname and, if you have Nitro, use a different avatar in each of your servers”. This feature is a Discord Nitro based feature, which will be rolled out over the next few weeks and is currently only accessible by a limited amount of users; mainly Discord Employees, some official Discord Mods, Discord Partners and some general Discord Members as well.

I believe this is part of Discord’s plan to make Discord Nitro more worth it for the $10 it costs, so less people chase for Free Discord Nitro. You cannot use this avatar changing feature without it. This is just one of many new features to the platform with; a new badge, longer messages, profiles, increased server cap and more also being added. I am breaking each of these down into a separate video, as part of a mini series over the next week.

My only worry with this feature is that it could lead to more impersonation in YouTubers communities like TommyInnit, MrBeast, Dream, Tubbo, Wilbur Soot and Ranboo whom all have massive Discord Servers. I didn’t mention this in the video, as it only just occurred to me- but having a feature which allows you to change your server identity could cause problems within their communities.

In the background, my friend James is playing Minecraft on the biggest network in the world… Hypixel. He is playing Bedwars with other friends. I might make an SMP in the summer, and do streams on it.

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