Disturbing Unexplained Television Broadcasts USA

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As we speak, somebody with a special antenna will suddenly start broadcasting utter insanity. Where do these signals come from? They are freaking weird. Who the hell knows? Broadcast signals are moving invisibly through the air all around us, from millions of sources.

That was my excerpt from an article by Evan Kasindorf
at cracked dot com, entitled "The 5 Creepiest Unexplained Broadcasts".

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What follows are my excerpts from an article by Ciara Hernandez
at thetalko dot com, entitled "15 Of The Scariest Broadcast Hijacks Of All Time".

What if you saw or heard something eerie pop up while watching your favorite show? Would an unexplained broadcast interruption bother you? In this list, we will go through the 15 eeriest broadcast interruptions. These interruptions include intergalactic beings, zombie apocalypses and even declarations of conflict all made public on our very own television.

The first time America was ever met with the iconic Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion was during the 9 o clock News on WGN in Chicago, Illinois. On the night of November 22nd, 1987 Chicago viewers were watching highlights from the Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions game. The screen suddenly went black for about 15 seconds and finally, Max Headroom popped up on screen. Of course this wasn’t the real animated character Max Headroom but rather a man in a Max Headroom mask and sunglasses. The typical metal pattern background shifted behind the mysterious hijacker, as nothing but white noise played, before the intrusion was corrected by the network. Though the broadcast intrusion happened for no more than 30 seconds, Chicago took notice, however the 9 o clock broadcast wouldn’t be the last we would see of the golden haired villain.
14 Naughty Content On The Disney Channel

On a Tuesday morning in early May, 2007 at around 9:30 am, several parents and children were watching the Disney Channel show Handy Manny. It was just like any other Tuesday morning broadcast of a children’s show, much like the still of a clip showed above, when something unusual happened in New Jersey. The broadcast was interrupted by a scene from a provocative film! The broadcast lasted for several minutes uninterrupted. So how does something this disturbing happen? Our best guess is the local cable company providing the service for that region might have mixed up the broadcasting from an adult channel to a children’s channel. However, why did it just so happen to be a children’s show? There are also possibilities it was a 3rd party trying to play a gross prank. Either way, the parents and children who were witness to the interference are unlikely to soon forget.

12 "It's Our Duty to Boycott the Election!"

In 1985 a state-run Polish television station was hijacked by a new party that called themselves Solidarity. It was a broad political party that believed in pushing for worker’s rights and social justice. This followed the Polish government largely increasing the price of food, while working wages remained the same. Before the 1985 hijacking several things had occurred between Poland and Solidarity. For an entire 2 years the Polish government decided to impose Marshall law in order to eradicate the party, which at the time was affiliated with a third of those who were of legal working age. And so in 1985 a standard news broadcast was being aired when a text appeared on screen over the broadcast. It read “enough price increases, lies and repressions. Solidarity Torun.” The logo for the new party also popped on the screen, finally before the broadcast cut out the screen said “it is our duty to boycott the election.” Later, four astronomy students at Poland’s University of Torun were found to be the hijackers.

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