DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods Part Two - All Skins and Podiums

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So here it is, it dod took me sometime, i would've loved to do the skins showcase on Inmora but since i completed the DLC on Ultra-Nightmare and Extra Life mode i couldn't replay levels so i'm sorry for that.

Quite the experience, loved every second of the DLC, it was both easier and more enjoyable than TAG1 before the update, though i would've loved more if they wouldn't touch the first DLC tbh or just tone it down to the SGN ML level, both difficult and fun but nonetheless, this DLC was a good surprise, loved it a lot more than the base campaign just for how fun it was, if you can do yourself a favor and try it.

Hope you like the video, it's not the best or anything but i'm doing my best.

Props to AESTHETIC WAVES for uploading the new main menu music, unfortunately the guy that uploaded the better version of Trial of Maligog either deleted the video or got his channel terminated, either case, big thanks to them.
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