(ENG SUB) 바람 피는 사람이 잘못했나요? l Is the cheater bad? l What Are You Looking For?

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1. Intro 00:00
2. 자기소개 (Introduce yourself) 00:22
3. 프로필 (Profile) 01:17
4. 서로의 사진을 공유해주세요 (Share your photo) 02:14
5. 유튜브 최근 재생목록 (Share your recent Youtube history) 02:56
6. 내 과거를 캐는 애인 vs 나에게 관심없는 애인(Partner digging into your past or Partner not interested in you at all) 04:11
7. 남들이 말하는 나의 매력 (They say I'm a catch because)05:23
8. 바람피는 애인이 잘 못했나요? 바람을 피게 만든 애인이 잘 못했나요? (Is the cheater bad or The partner who make them cheat bad?)06:23
9. 사랑하는 사람이 전과자라면? (What if your lover was a convict?) 07:36
10. 맛집을 기다린다 or 안기다린다 (Wait in line for food or Not wait in line for food) 08:46
11. 애인이 연락이 안된다면 의심 or 걱정 (When your partner does not answer his phone Worried? or Suspicious?) 09:40
12. 최종결정 (Final Decision) 10:27
13. 촬영이 끝난 후에 맛집투어를 가실건가요? (Would you go cruising for restaurants together after the shoot?) 11:35

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