Excavation: Rkund (Skippable!) | Skyrim SE: Elysium #37

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Having been abandoned as a child outside the three headed portal in the Niben bay nearly 200 years ago, and with the letter explaining who or what he is quickly shuffled off to High-Chancellor Ocato, Martinius was always curious about the great mysteries the past held.

Now, having reached his twilight years, the aged Manmer finds himself as head of the explorers guild, a newly founded guild focused on uncovering the great artifacts of Tamriel, and hopefully in the process, the mystery behind Martinius himself.

Tour of the Dragonborn Museum Episode:
Might be helpful for those of you not familiar with the mod or the mechanics!

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This series was created using the Elysium Modlist and Wabbajack, an automatic mod installer!



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