Get Creative with External Audio Effects in Ableton // I do this on almost all tracks

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Took me a minute to figure out how to use Ableton External Effects plug-in, but once i did, i realized how powerful it can be for a hybrid studio setup. Esepcially as a way to interject your soul into the music. An easy way to keep things quantized but with unquantized effects if you will. Hopefully this helps you finish that track you've been working on for awhile :)

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00:00 Whats going on
01:10 The Whack Track and Setup
02:00 How to use External Audio Effect
03:58 How to Record FX Method 1
06:14 How to Record Effects Method 2
07:54 FX Sends are Best
08:47 SkillShare Sponsor
09:39 Create Variations in your song
11:40 Get Creative
13:30 Spice up Bass Lines
15:06 The Wrap Up

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