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Hair friends today i have upload the video for Faster Hair growth pack. First we will know about what is hair growth. If your hair loss in a scalp. Again it will growth. its called New baby hair. At the same time your hair length increase.
Now, this hair pack help to increase your Hair growth.

How many ingredients
1. Green gram (pacha pasipayaru)
2. Fenugreek
3. Hibiscus 5-6
4. Cooked Rice water

How to prepare
Take a Green gram & Fenugreek 3:2ratio. Soak in the morning and wrap in a cloth in the evening. now, the gram&fenugreek there will be sprouts. Add a 5-6 Hibiscus. add a rice water required for grind paste. mix all and grind for the paste consistency.
Apply it, All over scalp and hair. leave it 20-30mints. Wash out using repeat this steps weekly do this you will get a healthy hair growth.
I hope you like this video.

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