How to Counter Against a Cheater in Valorant (Wall Hack/Aimbot)

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How to win against a cheater in Valorant, I ran into a Jett that was using wall hacks and aimbot during a ranked match in a Diamond Lobby. I was able to get some kills on the cheater by using the Judge. In the end, Riot's vanguard was able to detect the cheater and ended the game early. The cringiest part was that his team was typing in all chat, they were probably getting boosted.

To counter the cheater:
1) Use a judge and play close angles, but make sure you can't get wall banged. You can also try to peek first since they still have to trigger the aimbot and might have a slower reaction.
2) Make sure you constantly report the person - only use this if you know they are blatantly cheating
3) Waste their time, they are cheating to try and rank up faster. Also by spending more time, Vanguard can eventually detect them.

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In the end, know that you will always be better than the cheater. They have to use cheats to win. Don’t let one game against them ruin the rest of your day. Here are some gamer moments during this match before vanguard caught the cheater. Thanks for watching!

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