How To Download Google Play Store On iOS Without Verification - Get Google Play Store on iPhone NOW!

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Use Google Play Store On iOS Without Human Verification

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a great day. If you're like me and have an iPhone you've probably been wondering if you can get the google play store app on your iPhone so with doing some extensive research I found the website that allows you do make this possible. Watch this video and you can learn how to download playstore on iOS 14.

The great things about this playstore app is that it works without a jailbreak. The site simple allows you to install it by downloading as an app tweak. It is currently the only way that it can be done with no computer on iOS 14.


I tried some other sites that claimed to give you the app but the reason I made this video is because it has the easiest method on How to Download Google Play Store on iOS, iPhone & iPad. As you all know that theres amazing apps available on google play store but not on the app store in iphone. Don’t worry guys just follow all the instructions in this video and you will have no problem getting it on your device.

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Other than this, google playstore lite is working perfectly and it will not be revoked if you upgrade iOS firmware or if you shut down your phone and re- jailbreak.


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