How to Fix Chromium on Gmod/YukiTheater Codec fix Tutorial. (Updated)

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An update on my first tutorial (Which I can't garantee both will work because I've learned this from others), and also how to get YukiTheater's Codec working so you can use the other video types (Such as the anime sites, along with streaming services like Netflix), so I hope it helps. Link for Codec Fix:
Also for those who think it's not safe, it is, almost of people who are apart of YukiTheater/Solstice Game Studios' staff use it, and I wouldn't be making the tutorial if I wasn't using, which I do. So if you think that it's sketchy using Codecfix, then just don't use it, it's not a required part of it, it's only required for the YukiTheater server, and that's all.
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