How to Insert a SIM Card to iPhone and Android | T-Mobile

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Learn how to insert your SIM card to your iPhone or Android phone. From a standard SIM card to a nano SIM: Des gives you a step by step tutorial so you can enjoy your T-Mobile network! Click here to watch more how-to videos with Des:

How to Insert A SIM Card (0:00)
Step 1 - Phone out & Power "Off" (0:11)
Step 2 - Locate SIM card slot on phone (0:16)
Step 3 - Remove SIM card tray with removal tool (0:30)
Step 4 - Insert SIM into SIM tray using cut corner as guide (1:02)
Step 5 - Insert SIM tray gently back into the phone (1:22)

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In this T-Mobile How To video, Des shows you how to #insertsimcard to your #iPhone and #Android phone.
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