How to install H.264 Video codec in After Effects and Render mp4 Videos [100% Working!]

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This Tutorial Will Solve out the Biggest problem every after effects user faces. This will tell you how to get Video codec and render videos in (mp4) format in Adobe After Effects. Follow the procedure shown in the tutorial and Download from the link below:



1. My output video file format.
▶▶▶ Its actually .mp4 but as a sake of rendering its renders it in .mov // its a thought about it \\..... IT DOES CONTAIN CODEC PROPERTIES IN IT. TRUST ME! So you can simply rename to this will surely work!!! Those guys who want a brief explanation for this, will have to wait. I will reveal this soon with a valid proof.
DO NOT BELIEVE ON FAKE COMMENTS ABOUT THE .mov and .mp4 files being different.

2. The file size is HUGE!
▶▶▶ Stay tuned for my next tutorial // this is really taking too long! sorry for that. \\ but when its uploaded, its gonna solve all your problems! TRUST ME!

3. Support issues with Quicklime.
▶▶▶ Really? You want support for this thing? Think twice before you bring this thought in your mind. Have the guts to troubleshoot the issues has everything for you!

If any help needed, I am there to HELP! Ping in the comments section!

// and \\ in the above description? ▶▶▶ YouTube isn't allowing brackets in the description! So cant
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