How To Setup Mobile HotSpot for iPhone & Android | T-Mobile

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Susana teaches you how to activate Hotspot and share internet from your Android or iOS cell phone. Enjoy and share the high-speed connection of T-Mobile. See more tricks to take advantage of your phone:

Qualifying plan required; high-speed tethering allotments vary by plan.

iOS (0:27)
- Open Settings (0:30)
- Click 'Personal Hotspot' (0:36)
- Switch toggle on 'Allow Others to Join' (0:42)
- Click 'Wifi Password' to customize your hotspot password (0:53)

Android (1:09)
- Open Settings (1:11)
- Click 'Connections' (1:16)
- Select 'Mobile Hotspot and Tethering' (1:19)
- Switch toggle on for 'Mobile Hotspot' (1:24)
- Scroll down and you will see the name of your hotspot and password (1:30)
- You can change the hotspot name and/or password by clicking on the name and password (1:38)

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Learn how to activate #Hotspot on your #Android or #iOS phone and share the #TMobile high-speed internet network.
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