iOS 14.3.1 UPDATE & 14.4 BETA 2 - MORE INFO!

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iOS and iOS beta 2 should be dropping to all users very soon! Here’s a video on what you should be expecting within the next iOS 14 updates! More bug fixes , more stability I hope and most impotently more changes and features within iOS since it’s been 3 weeks when we last saw this!

Hey, My name Is Apple-O and I do apple software reviews in 60 seconds. However, I've realised now that I am starting to branch out to a wider audience, I do tips on how to speed up software , maintain great battery life and most importantly anything apple related that could interest you! With iOS 15 and watchOS 8 leaks just around the corner , I wanted to start doing variety content so that you out of all people know what is going on! I will only waste 1 minute of your time but of course keep on coming back to these videos as I will be pumping out more and more! iOS is the latest beta so I will be doing future reviews for that later on! Anyways, make sure you are subscribed to this channel as I cover everything that You Will Need To Know In a matter of seconds!


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