Its finally Perfect!! Audio Routing version 336 // Hardware Into Ableton live studio setup

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This question comes up way too often, i wish i had a bit more of a permanent answer but my studio setup is always changing. Hopefully this video will shed some light on how i have my hybrid studio setup. This is useful to most things, i'd say the most important aspect would be an interface with a decent amount of inputs for your analog gear. I went with the Focusrite Clarett 8Pre and Octopre Dynamic. Over ADAT i can run 16 inputs and 8 outputs no problem. Especially utilizing the patchbay, i can plug in effects and route external effects through Ableton live!

Clarett 8pre -
Scarlett Dynamic -
PatchBay -
Headphones -
Synth Merch -

00:00 intro
00:33 MPC hardware setup
00:58 Audio Interface setup
04:06 Ableton Setup
05:25 How i Sample my computer
06:43 MPC Routing into Ableton
10:47 Overbridge Setup
12:30 Sampling into Analog Rytm
13:12 Overbridge tip Volume
13:29 Overbridge Setup pt 2
15:00 Overbridge Latency
15:52 MPC 3000 is gone
16:50 Peace

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