Jon Gomm - The Ghost Inside You

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From the album The Faintest Idea: Listen or buy vinyl, CD and Deluxe Edition book/DVD version at

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Miscarriage is devastating. So difficult to understand. It’s like grieving in reverse: Instead of memories, you have hopes to hold on to. Who are you mourning?

I believe in a soul - I have to now - in as much as something to represent the difference between being alive, or inert. The force that is at the source of every person, the fundamental burning core. That place inside us where, when we are totally alone and in darkness, we are all the same. And, being the same, never truly alone.

This music was written in a blur after driving home from an abandoned tour in Germany to collapse inward in grief. I'm sorry to everyone I let down then. I can remember the hour or so it took to write only as a single snapshot from outside myself.

It is dedicated with constant love to a life never lived. I wish we’d got to meet you.

Here's all the gear I used in creating this music. If you wanna buy any of it, if you use the links below then I get a small commission:

The new Ibanez JGM10 guitar - Pre-order UK / EU:
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Blackstar Sonnet 60 acoustic amplifier
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Fishman Rare Earth Blend pickup system
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Boss OC-5 octave pedal (for sub-bass)
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Zoom MS70CDR Multistomp effects pedal (for special reverbs and delays)
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Newtone Jon Gomm signature guitar strings

Sontronics SOLO vocal mic

TC-Helicon Voicelive 3 guitar & vocal multi-effects pedal

MOTU Ultralite AVB mixer/interface

Klotz cables

Video filmed by The Samsara Collective at Niamos Radical Arts Theatre, Manchester, England.
Synths, effects and production by Andy Sorenson.
Audio mastered by Tom Woodhead.

Kscope records
AMF publishing
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