Jordan Schor & Swayze - Beast Mode (Magic Free Release)

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Track: Jordan Schor & Swayze - Beast Mode
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Uh Huh
This one right here
Is for all Y'all
Who not only have a dream
But you know
It's time to get it

I got one chance to get it right
So you know I'm grindin', every night
I ain't never back down, from a fight
If you try to stop me, it's on sight.

I ain't here to play games (nah)
Gotta get it gotta go, to the top, never stop, man the best is all I know.
Was a diamond in the right, now I'm going for the gold
And I'm boutta shine bright, no Tiffany and co ha

If you wanna be the best
You gotta do
What Won't do

Show 'em who's
Go Beast Mode

I don't wanna lose I don't wanna fall
I've been paying dues now it's time to ball
Been had this mentality I ain't just evolved
All I do is play 'em, I don't pick the cards
I was dealt with, some people are selfish
Me, I'm on the grind all the time, I can't help it
Focusing my mind 'til I'm young, rich and healthy
Until then I'll be working on myself, B

Yeah, makin' money makin' moves,
Breakin' records breakin rules,
Stayin' far from the fools
All we really wanna do is lay low, and improve
Stay broke, never through
Hella riches comin' through
And the women coming to
I can't even trust a few
Cuz they'll do anything for a crib with a view
And they sleepin' on me then
So I put 'em on snooze
And focus on the grind, only way to never lose

Only way to never lose, is to never snooze
Stay up
Stay working
push past the pain
ain't no such thing as perfection
We're gonna get so damn close

It's on you

Go Beast Mode

If you wanna be the best
You gotta do
What Won't do
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