jungkook being smol for 8 minutes (bangtan's baby)

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welp, isn't jungkook not the cutest specimen walking this earth? because i think he is (besides 6 other men hehe)

subtitle colors:
namjoon: blue
jin: pink
hobi: red
jungkook: purple
taehyung: green
jimin: yellow
suga: grey
black: staff / comment / guest / more ppl talking at once
white: kookiestaetas comments

- What program/app do you use to edit?
I edit with Premiere Pro / After Effects
- When did you become an ARMY?
In September 2019
- Who's your bias?

???? mail for business inquiries: kookiestaetas@
???? patreon:
???? twitter:
???? instagram:
???? twitch:

#jungkook #cute #bangtansbaby
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