KVN - Where Da Party At?

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CMB 2 The World | Out Now!

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©2021 CMB To The World


Ay-yo, Mic Check one-two
CMB 2 The World
We gon’ do this one last time!
Now that I’m 21, Everyone’s gonna ask me, "Where's the fucking party at?"
Bitch this is the party!

(Verse 01)

Another track, another tape, another milestone
I’m getting better like wine, That’s why my style's grown
But now my smiles gone, Raised in a wild home
Piss me off and you’re only hearing my dial tone
Let’s pop a bottle to the ones that ain’t living
Reminisce, Plus the greatest thing to do in life is giving
It don’t matter if ya huge and how you’re winning
If you can’t really remember your humble beginnings!


(Where the party at? There's a party over here
Yo, oh no! there's a party over here)
That's right!
(Where the party at? There's a party over here
Yo, oh no! there's a party over here)
Yeah, I just wanna thank everyone for tuning in
To everyone who loves my music, the haters
Every single one of y’all, Thank you so much!

[Verse 2]

Yo, I gotta admit, Hip-Hop gave me a voice
So I try to make the most of it, 'Cause now I have no choice
There ain’t no turning back, That’s why I’m always poised
Making music while these other rappers make noise!
True to my art from the start got me really focused
Overcoming my fears, But deep down feeling hopeless
'Cause my close ones made my heart frozen
At the same time, Made my eyes wide open!
A grown man, Now it’s different how I look at life
Ditch a movie, 'Cause I’d rather read a book that’s nice
My tapes are taken for granted, With this, Y’all took it twice
I ain’t surprised, Most live in a fool's paradise!
But let’s put that all aside, 'Cause it’s a farewell
Of a run, I really had to prepare well
I ain’t kidding, I'ma give you all my word
'Cause one day I'ma take CMB To The world!


We did it for the second time
Everything feels like a dream man, Shit's crazy!

So, Before I end this
I wanna thank all the featuring artists
Troublemakers gang; Kaos and Crysto
Thank you so much, guys!
Kimbula with a 7, That’s my homeboy right there!
And Senith Jay for everything you’ve done, I wouldn’t be here without you bro, That's a fact!

Next, I wanna thank, Thisal and Amaya for supporting me all the time
Being there for me during rough times, I’m so grateful for y’all!

And finally, I wanna thank everyone for tuning in
I ain’t gotta tell how much I love y’all!
Peace out!
CMB 2 The World!
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