Lawn Mower Video for Children | New Mower BLiPPi Toy Yardwork | min min playtime

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NEW lawn mower is here for yard work with our BLiPPi toy and the toddler. We play with our little tikes gas n go lawn mower toy and the John Deere push lawn mower toy while helping dad mow the lawn with the new lawn mower. We are unboxing our new push lawn mower, and we cut branches with the yardwork power tools to put in the new mulching lawn mower. Our BLiPPi toy is here to play with the kids, lets go play its min min playtime!

The kids are checking out dads brand new lawn mower, we need to build it and put in some oil and petrol gas. BLiPPi is playing pretend with us too. We are learning how to start the lawn mower and use the power tools to cut branches to use in the mulching lawn mower. The kids are playing with their gas n go john deere lawn mower toys.
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