Learn All Russian Verbs of Motion in One Song! / Russian Language

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Learn All Russian Verbs of Motion in One Song!
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Singing songs is a simple but effective way of learning Russian. This video will help you to make a difficult process, like learning Russian motion verbs become an enjoyable experience!

00:00 Russian verbs of motion song
00:05 Идти / Ходить
00:49 Бежать / Бегать
01:35 Ехать / Ездить
02:22 Лететь / Летать
03:08 Плыть / Плавать
03:54 Вести / Водить
04:40 Нести / Носить
05:26 Везти / Возить
06:12 Ползти / Ползать
06:58 Катить / Катать
07:45 Лезть / Лазить
08:31 Гнать / Гонять
09:17 Тащить / Таскать
10:03 Брести / Бродить

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One important group of words in the Russian language is the 'verbs of motion'. Verbs of motion are words that take you somewhere. For example: walk, go, run, travel. In Russian such words behave a little differently from the other verbs, and to use them correctly, you need to know all their conjugation forms.
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