Lucien and Inigo Talk About Self-Doubt - Fully Voiced by Smartbluecat - Skyrim Mods

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Another new conversation between Lucien and Inigo added in , all about confidence and doubt!
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Lucien Flavius is an immersive male custom-voiced follower mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with over 5000 lines of lore-friendly dialogue. He's an Imperial academic with a passion for science and adventure, and though he arrives in Skyrim as a cowardly scholar, he'll gradually gain strength and confidence by your side until he grows into a hero in his own right.

Inigo is a fully voiced Khajiit adventuring companion with over 7000 lines of unique dialogue - much of it about you. He'll level alongside you and avoid most traps. If you're sneaking he won't chatter and he'll whisper if you talk to him. He can run out of arrows. He's highly skilled in archery, one-handed, and sneak.

As of Lucien , the two of them are excellent friends and have over 70 unique conversations to have with each other. All you need to do is have them both installed and recruited at the same time, and they'll start chatting. Enjoy!

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