mediocre minecraft pvp ???? (skywars)

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i do NOT friend add for donations under any circumstances.
** All donations are non-refundable and no goods or services will be received as a result of your payment. Full terms & conditions can be read on the page linked above. **

???? Sponsor:
- Rank on my Discord server -
- Exclusive Sponsor-only chat on my Discord
- Green name in chat with a cool badge next to it
- Custom emojis + bypass chat restrictions like slow mode
- my eternal love

???? Lunar Cape:

???? MERCH:

Buy my $4 Mineman Club tag! (Refraction's Tag)

???? Discord:
???? Pack: Type !pack
???? Minecraft Mods:
???? Playlist:
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Name - Callum
Age - 21
IGN - Refraction
Sensitivity - 800 DPI, 47% in game
Texture Pack - !pack
PC - !specs

What happened to your YT rank?!
I still have it, I just use a mod whilst streaming to hide my nickname from viewers in an attempt to reduce the amount of stream snipers that I encounter.

Chat Rules:
- English preferred.
- Don't spam.
- No racism/swearing.
- idk rules are boring just don't be lame
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