MGO3 PC - Session 073: 10.10 buddy

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Jan 25, 2021
I can confirm that there won't be another video tomorrow. So this is the last one for now. For this occasion I resized the video up to 1440p so youtube would give it the good codec. You should notice the upgrade in video quality from the codec, not from the resizing. There's a mistake in the video that a close up of a pop up window is not centered, I forgot to adjust it after the resizing, but, it's only some seconds, you can still see the pop up and exporting it in 1440 took 4 hours, plus 48 hours to be processed in youtube, not going through all that again for some seconds. Anyway, this video and all the last batch with music took a lot of work, this time I had to remix the music with special care and I hope you like it. Cheers.
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