Minecraft Bedrock Beta! MANY Bug Fixes! Portal Farms Still Broken, & Bee Farm Upgrades!

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Welcome to another Bugrock of the week! Today we explore the new Caves and Cliffs Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta! has added Glow Lichen, SO MANY bug fixes, great new features, and more! We also cover a lot of bug fixes from previous betas having to do with copper, lightning rods, lush cave features, and more! If you found any beta bugs, lemme know! Next episode we'll be covering all the bugs:) I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you liked it, maybe leave a like! It helps a lot :D

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Minecraft Bedrock Tutorials!

: glow lichen and some bug fixes

: Lots of bug fixes

0:00 Overview
1:01 Glow Lichen Added!
3:01 Misc Fixes And Updates
9:09 Copper Features/Fixes!
12:32 Lightning Rod New Features
14:48 Portal Based Farms Still Broken

When you bonemeal moss, cobblestone around it should become mossy cobblestone!


Unnamed weird item at the bottom of the creative inventory:

Silk touching azalea (and flowing) leaves drops items that don't stack with one another:

Can't un-wax copper using a furnace:

Non-persistent mobs despawn immediately after loading into the Nether


Powder snow block no longer drops when destroyed by explosions:

Eating animation is now centered in the frame:

Main hand and off-hand shields are now symmetrical:

Main hand and off-hand shields are now symmetrical:

Copper ore has correct orientation now:

Lightning Rods are now water loggable, solving a render issue:

Ink and dyes now make sounds when used on signs:

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