Mission to get a ???? MEGA FROST DRAGON ???? | A Roblox Adopt me Video - produced by Lavender????

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Hello to my friends and family. Welcome to my channel!
In this video, I want to get a #MegaFrostDragon! ???? It is not easy, okay! It was hard for me to get a Mega Frost Dragon; here's me offering ???? Mega Frost Dragon. I'm showing you how I got rejected so many times to prove how hard it was for me to get a Mega Frost Dragon! Okay, this video but my mission on this Mega Frost Dragon, and also, if you hear this noise, I'm wearing a really big coat. Okay, it's freezing in my house.
Anyway, that's the point I'm telling you about the ???? Mega Frost Dragon mission. Okay, this offer that you see right now for the Mega Frost Dragon. I posted this to tic tok, saying this is my offer for the Mega Frost Dragon. And everybody in those comments said it was over, and no, I shouldn't do that you were so way over.
Every single time I offered the same offer for Mega Frost Dragon, everybody declined! So that was just an example. Here is another offer for the Mega Frost Dragon, and I changed the offer up just a little bit. Then they said that they would do it tomorrow. I was like, Okay, I'll wait till tomorrow, but I still wanted to try to get one before the next day. This guy said he had a Mega Frost Dragon. But he did not. And I was really sad, but it's okay. Many people have said that they had a mega project and didn't, or they traded it! But that's okay because it's happened to me a bunch of times. After numerous attempts of trying to get a Mega Frost Dragon going to get a Mega Frost Dragon. And I might as well just give up stop trying. But you know what, that's not a mindset you need to have. You never give up on your dreams. So I was like, Nope, I'm going to keep trying until I get this Mega Frost Dragon. I am not going to give up. So I gave this offer for the Mega Frost Dragon. And they said they would pass. And I was so sad. But then my friend came by, remembering how earlier in the video they said they would do it the next day, but it was the next day. And they were actually going to do the trade with me. I was so happy. Thank you so much! I was freaking out a little bit because there's You have no idea how long it took me to get this beggar for a Mega Frost Dragon. I didn't include all the clips because I don't have all the footage of me getting rejected from Mega Frost Dragon, but you have no idea how excited I was! Oh my gosh, I was screaming! Like, wow, it's been such a journey! And yes, I've had a Mega Frost Dragon before, but I traded it. So I wanted another one! I was so happy! It was the only way and plus they're my friends. This is the only way. Like it took me so long to get it. And this is the only person who would do the trade with me. I even proved to you in the clips that nobody would do the trade! So yeah, I'm happy. And you know what, that's all the matter. So I was so excited. And I added some eggs after two. Yeah, this was a crazy mission.
Also, I'm probably going to go on another mission. I'm going to go on a mission to make a mega crocodile. Well, probably that's what I'm going to try to do, hopefully! But yeah, this video is a success! Sorry, it took me so long to make other videos because it took me so long to finally get a Mega Frost Dragon! Oh my gosh, I was so excited. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video!
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Okay, bye
Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you all in my next video!
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