Monster Hunter Rise v1.1.1 | 60FPS + 1620p Mods | Ryujinx Switch Emulator | RTX 2060 + Ryzen 5 5600x

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Hey guys!

In this video, I showcase the 60FPS and 1620p mods on Monster Hunter Rise using the Switch emulator Ryujinx. Note that I'm using a custom build made up of version , HLE Macros PR, and PPTC meets ExeFS PR for better performance and compatibility.

Mods: (Switch)

(Latest master at the time of recording):
Allows MHR version to work with the shader cache enabled

HLE Macros PR:
Offers some increased performance in MHR

PPTC meets ExeFS:
Allows for the 60FPS and 1620p mods, which are ExeFS mods, to work with the PPTC cache

Since Ryujinx does not condone the distribution of custom builds, you will need to create the build yourself.

Support the developers!

PC Specs
GPU: RTX 2060 6GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x
RAM: 2x8 3600 CL18
Drive: 512GB SSD
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