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The best magicians are the ones with an ability to change something in a way that no one else can understand! But still, there are a few curious ones like us who love to analyse as to how it was done!
So, be it 'Piff' the magic dragon's amazing card trick or Jamie Raven's famous card trick, in this video, we are going to figure out the secrets behind Got Talent's most famous magic tricks.

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Below is the list of Got Talent's Top 5 Most Famous Magic Tricks revealed:
At number 5: The Giant Card Trick (Christian Lee - Britain’s Got Talent 2016)
At number 4: The Incredible Card Trick (Jamie Raven - Britain’s Got Talent - BGT 2015)
At number 3: The Scary Doll Trick (The Sacred Riana - America's Got Talent 2018)
At number 2: The Card Prediction Trick (Piff the Magic Dragon - America's Got Talent 2015)
At number 1: The Disappearing Spheres Trick (Josephine Lee - Britain’s Got Talent)

Kool Kats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()

So guys, which one out of the Top 5 tricks did you like the most? The amazing Card-Toon trick, the scary doll trick or the disappearing spheres trick.
Also, name any other magic trick you would like us to reveal?
Leave us a comment below.

Thanks for watching!
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