[MV reaction] LiLi FILM Lisa(리사) - 'The Movie' 뮤비 리액션

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안녕하세요~ 댄스솔져입니다.
오늘은 리사의 '더무비' 뮤직비디오 리액션 영상을 올려드립니다.

Hello, I'm Dance Soldier.
Today, we're going to upload Lisa's reaction video for "The Movie".
But I'm sorry for the lack of subtitles. I translate what I said and post it.

Hello, I'm Dance Soldier. Today, we're going to show Lisa's reaction to the music video. I've always reacted to Lisa's music video. This music video is a dance video, but it's very high quality. Let's talk while watching the video.

I think I prepared a lot this time. I think the dance with the storyline is really good. That's very cool. It looks like urban dance and hip hop dance. Lisa dances perfectly with different vibes and genres every time. I think I lost more weight. There are all the moves that Lisa is good at. It all feels different. Oh~ That's cool. I thought you were taking off your mask, but you're not.

Did you see it? Lisa's strong point, long-sleeved and short-legged face. And I think I lost more weight this time. But it's easy to stop when you move. You express and show various genres of dance perfectly. Even though it's a dance video, the quality is high and Lisa's strengths are gathered. It's so cool. That's all for today's reaction. I'll upload Lisa's video next time. Thank you for reviewing it.

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