Naruto Live Action Fight Scene w/special Fx

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Looks like after 5 years, the soundtrack has finally been disabled. Looks like no more sound ^_^ I'll replace it with something Random


Take the time to read please. I keep getting the same types of comments like "Their names are sasuke and naruto, duh" or "why aren't you guys wearing any costumes, at least get a headband!" or "What program did you use?"

Narutaw VS Chasuke - Fight between two characters loosley based on Naruto and Sasuke. This is a PARODY. I KNOW their names are Naruto and Sasuke. Narutaw comes from Taw and Chasuke comes from Charles. And no, I don't have any Naruto costumes and will not go out to buy some just for a one time use. Also, I know the term Special Effects is wrong but people don't generally know the difference between VFX and SFX so I just keep SFX because most people call it that.

*** Edited using Premiere Pro and After Effects ***

I DON'T have any of the files for this video anymore. I deleted them all since it's been a while already. The sound effects were all just captured using a mic. I also don't use premiere anymore so I can't really help out with any of the editing questions.

*General Info:
This is my first Project using After Effects and it was really fun to do. I'm happy with the results considering what my preview looked like. I got this idea from looking at what Narutards did and looking at other Youtube videos. So special thanks to the Youtube FX community and !

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