Naruto & Sasuke's Orders To Kill Boruto & Eida's Power Unleashed! Boruto Chapter 57 Review!

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During the current five kage summit, as Naruto informs his fellow kages of the current developments with Kara, Naruto is given a task that no father would ever imagine being able to handle, his fellow kages, Gaara in particular, inform him that if Boruto becomes an Otsutsuki level threat that Naruto must be prepared to do what is needed for the ninja world. However, Amado offers a suggestion that might save Naruto the heartbreak of doing so, but there still comes a massive risk of Boruto dying should Naruto and Boruto choose this path. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the ninja world, threats beyond Jigen are beginning to wake up, with the mysterious Eida proving that she is equally as deadly as she is beautiful, as she displays her scary power to Code, showing that the strongest among us don't always have to be the physically strongest, and in doing so gives Code the ultimate partner to help Code take down Naruto and Sasuke, while also feeding Boruto or Kawaki to the Ten Tails left behind by Isshiki Otsutsuki! Grab those ramen bowls because this chapter changes everything as Boruto heads closer to the Boruto Naruto Next Generations time skip!
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