Naruto VS Sasuke Escape (POV)

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**5 MILLION VIEWS AND WE WILL MAKE PART 2!** COMMENT where we should film it??

We travelled to Beijing, China ???????? with no actual plan other than to make a sick video for you all! (All of this was filmed in 1 day)

We couldn’t have done it without the help of the Beijing Parkour Community! Massive thanks for ordering the costumes, it only took a day!!!

We understand that this is China and Naruto was made by Japanese creators! However we would have done this video anywhere in the world but what better place to do it than Beijing, China! There is no disrespect intended and I hope you all understand our intention was to create an awesome video! Hope you enjoy, Peace!

Camera : GoPro7, Insta 360 One X
Click the link to check out the awesome gear we used in the video!

Music : Naruto Theme Song
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